Death’s Flaw

Alright here is finally the 11th chapter of our still nameless story….. (insert scary shark music here) sorry it took so long I didn’t realize that its almost been a month Carlee I am so sorry here is my shot at making it up to you… 

Death felt a sense of dread as he watched Evil run his lost feather across his face, his mouth turned upward in a rare grin, revealing pointed teeth, and then Death was torn away with the image of Evil’s “smile” still ingrained. Death found himself in a small room. There seemed to be nothing out of the ordinary in this room, it was painted white, there was  a bed and a small stand with a lamp on it against one wall, and a small window on the wall beside the door, the room was dark. Death sensed could sense a life in the room, a life who’s time was up. As Death turned to the wall behind him, he felt his heart (or something like it) drop, it was the first time in thousands of years, maybe ever Death felt shock, and surprise…

The wall in front of him was papered with drawings, drawings of Beauty and Charm holding vials, of Praiseworthy holding a child in her arms… There were drawings of Evil swallowing Fear, and Temptation on his thorned throne, There were drawings of himself, Death, standing over victims, welcoming Humility to her new life, being the strange shadow on the wall, holding an old woman’s hand as she took her final breath, even a drawing of him plucking a wilted daisy… in the drawings sometime’s his “people” were in their human forms, sometimes they were not. Death backed away to take it all in, it was then he laid eyes on his next victim, a teen boy, barely a man, sitting in a hard wooden chair next to the enormous collage. His innocent eyes took Death in watching his every movement… He could see him? Death felt Fear stretching his fingers towards him and knew Evil was on his way, he had to complete this job before Evil made an appearance…

Death moved closer to the boy, reading him, he got flashes of a small boy eating dinner while his parents fought in the background, he saw the boy’s mother, a model maybe? Call him a freak when he brought her a drawing of her making a deal with Vanity. He saw the boy, older, watching the stars with a girl telling her his dreams, he saw the boy not moments ago finish his last drawing of Mercy, Grace, and a Shadow outside a walled city. Death felt a weight, he felt Sadness embrace him. “You know who I am?” He spoke softly to the boy. The boy nodded. “Then you know why I am here?” The boy nodded again.

“I know what you must do,” said the boy bravely puffing up his chest. Death glanced at the drawings again, shaking sadness off, his heart hardening once again… Evil was getting closer… Death kneeled before the boy and reached out his hands towards him… “Wait,” the boy said, Death hesitated, something he had not done for a very long time, but something in him told him that this boy deserved one last moment of this life…

“I know what your trying to do, you have to stop, you have to accept the prophecy,” The boy stared straight into Death’s eyes his words not faltering.

“I can’t,” Death answered adverting this humans gaze, “I can’t.” he gently took the boys hands and for a moment felt, almost, remorse. The boy became a man in his final seconds, his eyes seemed to age as he drew his final breath, and then he was gone… Death looked to the heavens, tears pouring down his cheeks, “I’m sorry,” He spoke, “I have to.” Death stood up and took a drawing of himself standing in an open field looking… free, and as Evil began to materialize he set the boy’s life’s work ablaze… “I have to,” said Death again fooling himself further, “The prophecy cannot come true.” Evil’s laughter was the first thing to arrive.

Well there it is I hope it was worth the wait check out the previous chapters in the links below (it helps this to make waaay more sense 😉 ) what was Death’s flaw? any thoughts?

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