A Taste of Revenge

This is the Seventh instalment of  “the story yet to be named” please enjoy all stories listed in order are linked below feel free to heck them out. (They do  help this one to make more sense)

Revenge crawled on his hands and knees to Evil, to tell him what he had just seen. Revenge like a dog sat at Evil’s feet. “My lord” he hissed. Evil, use to dealing with lesser evils, continued working his power over mankind not giving Revenge much thought.

“What is it,” he answered slowly.

“Pride is dead,” Fear stirred inside Evil.

“Lies,” Evil said calmly pushing Fear down again.

“I saw it with my own eyes” wheezed Revenge. Evil turned towards Revenge blackness covered his face.

“You know what we are, we can not die.”

“Death was there my Lord,” spoke Revenge tactfully.

“Oh, was he?” Evil turned again from Revenge, “Brother,” he sang  sweetly. Death at once was by his side, with one glance at Revenge he knew this could not be good.


“Tell me about our dear, beloved niece. Tell me about Pride.” So Death told him of her death and her re-birth, he told him how, even now, the children of Temptation worked building an army. He also told them of their quest for a new Pride. Death felt defeated he had needed to keep this information from Evil as long as possible.

Evil smiled “You fool,” he said to Death. “Did you think Temptation was working alone? I know of the army, I know of Fear of the Lord. Did you think that hiding this information would hold any of my plans back?  Yes Humility is veiled from me, but I know someone brought her here, her sisters Mercy and Grace are dragging themselves back into existence as well, But I have a plan.” Not trusting Death he did not confide it to him, Evil was to smart for that.

He looked thoughtfully to Revenge, “you go, build yourself, gather as many vials as possible and take them to Temptation. They will help him find our counterpart’s vessel.” Revenge nodded and slunk away on his belly unable to stand up in Evil’s presence.

“As for you brother, you will not keep secrets from me again,” Death standing tall, hands behind his back bowed to Evil.

“Of course not,” with that he was gone. As always Death had his own agenda, his own plans, he smiled thinking  for once he had the upper hand, but this was a new era and Evil was ready for it. As Fear quivered inside Evil, Evil knew it was time to visit Temptation. His own counterpart was growing in strength and for once Evil truly believed he could not stand alone.

I know Revenge was not in it very long, but I named this “chapter” “A taste of Revenge” because all I did was give you a small sample of him he’ll return later on I’m just having a little trouble not making him to much like Fear, I’m trying to give him a more unique  personality maybe Carlee could help with that? Her Fame was impeccable. This story was more of a set up for the following plot but I have a couple other character’s in mind for next time. As a hint to who they will be, I’ll let you know I’m having way to much fun writing the bad guys and am going to try giving more of the “Good” guys a shot. 

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