A Story of Evil (Wicked Witch)

This my answer to the daily posts prompt. I always kinda  believed evil to be its own being that manipulates people, this story features that.

Death stood by a large Ash tree, a tree who’s age could only be guessed into thousands upon thousands of years. Death regarded this tree, with one touch of his hand it would shrivel and rot, for he was Death after all, but although Death must come to all things at one time or another it was not this particular tree’s time, it still had purpose. Death may not show mercy, but he obeyed the rules, he would never take something, not even a blade of grass, before its time. Death had been alive since almost the beginning of the world, he was tired. He was not looking forward to the events of this night.

It wasn’t to much longer when a low mist filled the glen in which Death waited, a wolf howled somewhere, and branches rustled sinisterly. “You always had to make an entrance” Death said annoyed. Fear came into the glen laughing.

“Parlor tricks my brother, parlor tricks.” Fear, was a trickster with a twisted sense of humor. He was not fair or just, he did his job with something that bordered on sick obsession. “Have you figured out why we were summoned here?” Fear said with a coy smile. Death didn’t respond.  “He means to kill us, he’s finally going to do it.”

“We have no end,” said Death.

“You most of all should know everything has an end.” Fear laughed at the thought of himself being afraid, after all this time he was afraid. He, Fear itself, was afraid to die.

“I would have seen it, and besides how am I suppose to end myself? I am Death.”

“Suppose he could do it? Imagine the consequences, the chaos.” Fear had never cared about consequences and chaos before.

“He can’t do it,” even as Death said it he had his doubts, he wondered if even their maker knew of the third brother’s limits.

It was at this moment Evil appeared, he was darker then death, and more twisted then Fear. “Talking about me?” He drawled

“Why have you brought us here?” Demanded Death stepping forward while Fear cowered behind him.

“I did not make you come, I simply want to chat.”

“No you don’t,” said Fear in a moment of braveness.

“I do,” answered Evil coldly. “I want to make a deal.”

“Never,” said Death tonelessly, he had just seen his end.

“I just want to work together, like old times.”

“That was wrong” Death said. “There are rules, there are reasons.” Fear nodded quickly he had known from past experience to care about rules and reasons.

“Then I will end you.” Evil grinned

“You can’t,” answered Fear looking to Death who would not meet his gaze.

“I can,” said Evil. In one terrible moment Fear realized this was true, he did the only thing he could, he rushed Evil. Evil was surprised, but only for a moment, he quickly picked up and devoured Fear. Suddenly Evil was overcome, he did not before realize how many kinds of fear there were,  Cowardence, Fear of Pain, Fear of Death. Death… Evil’s eyes flickered to Death who stood in shock. Evil slowly stood straight pushing Fear farther and farther down. Death stepped back as Evil came forward, “c c come dear brother,” Evil sang shakily and darkly. Death turned into a magpie and tried to fly away, but no sooner then the first flap of his wings did Evil have him in his grip. “You know,” said Evil, “I would have thought that it would be you to fight, and Fear to flee. Join me brother this is your last chance.”

Death’s head drooped in Evils grasp, “Yes” he said.

“There, that wasn’t so hard.” said Evil letting go of Death who then took his true form once again. “The rules are simple, obey me.”

“You are Evil,” said Death in a last act of defiance.

“Yes,” Laughed Evil, “yes I am.”

And this is the way it was, for with Evil always comes Fear, and Death is never to long behind.


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