Pity Party of Another Teenage Nothing (fictional)

My university update is coming soon just needed to step back from it for awhile here’s a fictional pondering meanwhile p.s by uni I mean school not the horned horse, unfortunately …


I cried, the wind stinging my face, the pain engulfing… How could she do this? How many times had I been left behind and broken. Here it was again, that moment where I realized how taken for granted I am… There was a minute there, where I was so sure he liked me too, yep I got caught up in that perfect daydream again… And then there’s my teachers, “if only she came to school more.” How bout’ if only you did something about the bullying? HUH?!… 3 more months I just have to make it 3 more months… My dog died last week but I still dream about her, tongue lolling, tail wagging… How stupid could I be! Of course he never liked me. God we barely even spoke, stupid, stupid, STUPID!!! I dramatically put my head in my hands… The boat gently rolls with the waves, the wind growing stronger… What a best friend, one who just leaves me behind, over and over again, COW!…Why do I have to go through all of this? I mean REALLY! What’s the point? As I throw my self over the edge of the canoe, forgetting I was in a canoe, it flips, the fates giving me a reality check… Okay I get the point, cold and shivering I head for shore leaving the canoe behind… Pity party over…


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