Where I’m at….

Its been exactly three months since my last blog post, so I figured that maybe after all this time of self reflection (jk) that it might be time to start writing again…

Where I’m at….

I’ve been working as a tour guide since the end of may… Its the kind of job that you look forward to going to.. the people I work with are incredible and matter so much I can’t even say, and I get to learn the life stories of most people who come for a tour, and me being a more “nosy” person loves it!

I finally have all my university courses picked and am absoultly terrified to go (will be writing a post about this later for someone else’s blog so I’ll just re post it…) I’m most looking forward to my philosophy class as well as my Anthropology class.

My parents are on a cruise right now and won’t be able to take me to school at the end of the month so I am going with some very dear friends… I also snuck a kitten home as revenge MAWHAHHA mom now knows dad doesn’t… unless he happens to read this, that would be very awkward…

I will hopefully get my full drivers liscence in a week, althoughI’m not bring a car to school with me but, I’m thinking it will be great to have. I also went on a doctor who binge and am going through withdrawl until the new season comes out! My friends can’t wait either so I’ll shut up about it. 

Also last month my town got evacuated because of the fires in B.C particulally one that was only 10km away from us… we were only gone for a couple days but it really put that whole “if you could only take tens things…” question in perspective…  the fire thank god changed direction the smoke was still pretty bad but it did clear up for a while. This week the fires in the province have flared up again so its pretty nasty outside and sometimes at my worksite a little hard to breath…

During the time I took my gigantic blogging break I painted a lot more and will hopefully be posting some pictures of that soon

I wanna thank everyone who’s continued to follow me for their support and for all the kind comments… I know I’ve lost a few along the way, and I don’t blame you. But, again thanks to everyone who stayed even if I just got lost among all the other blogs you follow or if you just forgot that I was even there… without you guys I probably would have never come back to this….

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