Time’s Betrayal

And Chapter nine in the story still to be named enjoy and be sure to check out the others! 😀 p.s I also want to apologize for all the grammar mistakes I was really tired when writing this, I’m trying to revise them as I catch them.

Time stood inside of the city watching the people hurry and bustle, going about their lives unaware of the beings that brought them here and the battle about to ensue. Time, Like Death, was tired. He had been one of the first created, he existed as soon as the world had began to turn, and he would exist until the world ended and Time didn’t matter anymore. Like others of his kind, good and bad, he operated within a set of rules, he could go backward in time and live in the present, he could even stop “Time” if necessary, but he could not… repeat, could not, go forward unless given express permission from the Maker. Even then it was only to show certain people, prophets if you will, what the  Maker needed to show them for whatever reason. Time was Tired of this, he wanted to make his own rules. When he had gone forward to see how the impending battle would end he knew he had to do something to tip the scale. It was then he went back for Grace and Mercy, and in doing so throwing out the rules and reasons entirely.

Time was not afraid of his Maker’s wrath all he wanted was to end, but he was Time and Time couldn’t end until “the end”. As soon as Grace and Mercy entered the present Time was cut off from the Maker, but it was he himself who had cut the cord it wasn’t punishment or exile… it was more like losing something, something important. Time did not wallow in this he went back to the rules and did the only thing Time could do… He went on.

Grace and Mercy woke up in a field of grain dressed in white. Mercy looked to Grace her hands to her face wiping away tears, Grace smiled brightly at Mercy, they were back. Grace stood up shakily her legs unsure beneath her and her blond hair falling in her eyes, she looked to Mercy who was still pinching herself to see if this all was real. “How?” Mercy asked

“I don’t know,” answered Grace

“But why in this form?” Mercy said holding up an arm and some of her red hair with her free hand.

“I know as much as you,” said Grace gently, she then looked around taking in her surroundings, “Humility must be back.” Mercy and Grace couldn’t truly exist without Humility, and Charm and Beauty had taken her from them, throwing them into darkness.

“How long do you think we’ve been gone?” Asked Mercy still full of questions.

“To long,” Grace now able to stand straight began to pull Mercy up.

“Something’s different,” Stated Mercy.

“A lot of things are bound to be different.”

“No I mean can you feel that? Its like the Earth is crying,” Mercy had always been able to feel more than her sisters. Grace shut her eyes and listened and felt. The Earth had a steady quake like it was trying to curl up and hide, but from what?

When Grace opened her eyes again she and Mercy stood outside of a city, a city with walls so high they couldn’t see the tops of any buildings. The only reason they knew it was a city that lay behind the stone walls, was the steady stream of people going into the city. She also noticed that know one was coming out. Grace turned to tell Mercy she thought something was wrong when she first noticed the Shadow that stood with them. “Who are you?” Grace asked afraid and Innocent. Mercy stood tall beside Grace and only let Worry draw her away as the Shadow turned its head towards them. “It does not matter, you must go to the Council and let them know of the happenings here.”

“What happenings? Help us understand,” asked Grace only a little Braver then Mercy.

“The people, they are being tricked, the think that the city will protect them, but dark things lie in wait in the city, corrupting powers taking their vials.”

“What is the city suppose to Protect them from?” Grace tried to study the Shadow but he was just a Shadow.

“They think they are hiding from the Maker, they think he has turned against them.”

“As if walls could hide them from him,” chortled Mercy at exactly the wrong moment, she moved behind Grace as the Shadow cocked its head at her.

“They have turned their backs on the Maker!” the Shadow grew bigger.

“I’m sure they have not, know one can completely do that,” said Grace.

“And even if they have they can be turned around,” threw in Mercy. The Shadow disappeared, Mercy looked at Grace.

“That was creepy,”

“Yes,” said Grace absently, “We have our mission now, we need to find the council and report this,”

“Maybe they can tell us whats going on,” beamed Mercy who was more powerful than she seemed.

Time stood watching Mercy and Grace as they tried to fade but could not find the power to, so they started to walk. Time was tired, Time wanted an end and maybe uniting the Council of Good would bring him that. Maybe they could win, but he doubted it. A little ways away Death dropped his shadowed cloak his plan finally set in motion.

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