Blogging Pride and Prejudice “Part 2”

Chapter 2  Mr. Bennet’s Suprise

This chapter opened up letting us know that Mr. Bennet went and met Mr. Bingley, even though every time Mrs. Bennet asked him to he said he wouldn’t. Prehaps I underestimated Mr. Bennet when I said his wife seemed to rule him. Mr. Bennet has not told Mrs. Bennet yet and is sitting back enjoying her distress at trying to meet him.

Mrs. Bennet,  not being in the best of moods, snaps at one of her daughters “Kitty” for coughing (sometimes my little cousins call me Kitty, their so cute) we find out that Lizzy’s going to a ball in a fortnight (14 days) and that Mrs. Long the woman who was suppose to introduce them to Mr. Bingley won’t be back in time (apparently she hasn’t met him yet either and she has some un-married nieces so Mrs. Bennet doesn’t trust her).

Mr. Bennet does the unthinkable and suggests that Mrs. Bennet meet him first and introduce him to Mrs. Long, then says that he might take it upon himself to decline Mrs. Longs offer to meet Mr. Bingley shocking his daughters speechless, and causing Mrs. Bennet (whose probably never been speechless in her life) to say nonsense to the idea of it. He asks Mary (another daughter) what she thinks of the situation, this is when we learn Mary is a thinker and a reader, she wasn’t able to answer.

Once Mrs. Bennet finally says she’s sick of Mr. Bingley, the very clever Mr. Bennet drops the bombshell that he’s already talked to Mr. Bingley! Mrs. Bennet is ecstatic, and not speechless, goes on and on about how happy she is. Mr. Bennet leaves the room telling Kitty She’s allowed to cough now, and Mrs. Bennet suggests that prehaps Lydia will be the one Mr. Bingley picks… The chapter ends.

What I got out of this one was how perfectly, wonderfully, crazy and silly the Bennet family seems to be. It reminds me of my family except I wish our biggest worry was being introduced to someone at a ball.

Predictions for the next chapter: The go to the BALL! obviously.

Blogging Pride and Prejudice “Part 1”

Just quickly before we start,  I have seen the movie and I read the book back in Gr. 6 so I debated on whether or not this was a good one to start with and decided “Yep”,  just to make it clear this is for entertainment purposes only, and also if anyone has trouble understanding Austin maybe this will help a little too. Since Jane did not title any of her chapters I’ve taken the liberty of doing it myself, “winky smiley face” here it goes…

Chapter 1 or Mrs. Bennet Schemes

The chapter, the book, starts out with the line “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.” take that how you will. It then leads off with a conversation between Mr. and Mrs. Bennet. Mrs.Bennet mentions that Netherfield Park (a nearby estate) has been rented out, and she goes on to say, very excitedly, that it was a Mr. Bingley, coincidentally the name of my future rabbit, who is the rentee (making up some of my own words here) and that he is single! On top of that he brings in 4 to 5 thousand pounds a year, which is apparently a lot considering how I’m pretty sure Mrs.Bennet almost died from the ecstasy (not the drug) when finding this out.

Mrs. Bennet says this is a wonderful thing for their daughters. Mr. Bennet asks what it has to do with their girls, and Mrs. Bennet says to marry one to him of course! poor, poor Mr. Bennet “shakes head sadly” Then he says “well is he planning on moving here?” Clearly not understanding his wife doesn’t care as long as her daughters are married off and married well. Mrs. Bennet wants Mr. Bennet to go visit Mr. Bingley at once. He trys to get out of it through flattery, by saying that she and the girls should go own their own, or maybe just the girls because Mr. Bingley might want to marry her instead. I’m now feeling really sorry for Mr. Bingley, poor guy.

Mr.Bennet continues flattering Mrs.Bennet, then gets a little sarcastic saying he’ll send them with a note to Mr. Bingley giving him permission to marry whatever girl he likes best, but he’ll throw in a good word for his “little Lizzy.” Mrs. Bennet gets defensive over the rest of their daughters saying Lizzy’s no better then the rest, and goes on to say she’s not as pretty as Jane or good humored as Lydia. And the next couple paragraphs are her scolding her husband for picking favorites. I’m pretty sure Mr. Bennet zoned out a few times, I know I would, and now I’m feeling sorry for the daughters.

Mrs. Bennet is whining about her nerves, which apparently she does often, and Mr. Bennet, having a good sense of humor,  says he hopes she’ll get over it and live to see many more young men with lots of money come visit the neighborhood. Jane Austin goes on to tell us that Mr. Bennet is quite the character, and that being married 23 years still wasn’t enough time for Mrs. Bennet to really understand him. Jane also says that Mrs. Bennet just thinks she has nerves and is purely living to marry off all her daughters.

So what I get out of this chapter, besides feeling sorry for basically everyone, is Mrs. Bennet is the man in her and Mr. Bennet’s relationship, and he deals with her through lots of sarcasm… I Like it.

Predictions: In the next chapter we meet the kids, and if we’re lucky the infamous Mr. Bingley!