The Two Fears

This story is kind of a prequel to the story I did for the Daily Posts prompt “Wicked Witch” (link to that and the story below). I was inspired by a friend who wrote a similar and more awesome story from inspiration of my first story. So you see its turning in a really interesting, awesome circle… The link to her story is also below, top of the list. 

Fear had a secret. A secret he thought would be hidden forever, but like all secrets time had come for it to be told. Fear’s secret was the identity of his counterpart. Like all dark things Fear had another half, an opposite, something he needed to fight against, Death had Life (though Death was not strictly dark), and more famously Evil had Good. How was this a secret? One could naturally assume that Courage or Bravery where Fear’s counterparts, and in a way they where, but Fear from time to time, could feel brave, or courageous… if he wanted. No, Fear’s counterpart was something greater.

Long before the famed Battle between the brothers Death, Fear, and Evil, and even before their first alliance, while the Earth was still in its youth. There was a time when Fear was very young and less dark, a time when he felt particularly brave and wanted to discover his true counterpart. He was tired of hearing Evil brag of his battles against Good, and though Death was more often partners with Life then enemies,  Fear still felt a Jealousy when he saw them at work. He wanted an equal, and so he went searching. Fear traveled the face of the Earth wrecking Havoc as he went, hoping to draw out his counterpart. Sometimes he went to people during an accident, or when he knew Death was about to come, and more often when Evil was working. Sometimes he’d come to the edge of a cliff, or follow a spider. Fear didn’t stop his work at people though, he’d visit a tree when it was about to be cut or a rabbit on the run from a fox. Still Fear could not find his counterpart.

It was a beautiful  day when Fear came to a small village on the edge of the sea. Fear now wished he had never gone to that village, but it was Fate that mentioned it in passing and you can’t escape Fate. As Fear wandered the streets, making one plant afraid of the sun, and a woman afraid to go outside, he sensed a shift in the air. Something powerful was in the village, something possibly as powerful as him. Fear became giddy, then he became nervous, then he was afraid. He had never been afraid before and only would be two more times in his existence. The small child he had visited when he first arrived in the village was afraid, but she wasn’t, he couldn’t understand.

Fear ran to the entrance of the village, only to see a a woman sitting cross legged on the ground with the little girl. The little girl shone. The woman was plain and dressed very simply, but Fear saw her true form, and he had never seen something so beautiful before. “Who are you?” He asked softly the little girl looked up at him and just smiled she was no longer afraid.

“I am Fear of the Lord,” the woman smiled. Fear was taken aback and he was angry.

“You can’t be Fear! I am Fear!” He puffed his chest up.

“You are twisted and dark, I am not,” She said.

“Then you are not Fear, Who is this Lord?”

“He is the Lord, the Maker.” Fear’s eyes widened.

“The Maker?”

“Yes and I teach people to Fear him.”

“This girl is not afraid,” answered Fear scornfully, “You are not doing your job, I can teach you, we can be partners,” he offered thinking of Death and Life. Fear of The Lord shook her head in pity.

“I show people how to live in respect and awe for him, you hurt people, you cause them Pain, I show them Love” She cocked her head looking up at him.

“It is my job, it is who I am,” Fear stated defensively.

“I know,” she said “There are Rules, there are Reasons.”

“Yes,” Fear nodded in agreement “There are Rules, There are Reasons.” Fear of the Lord smiled, nodding as she saw Fear began to understand, but Fear was not made to understand so he threw understanding back at her. “No, I am Fear!” He gave all he had into causing the little girl to fear, and as she began to waver  Fear of the Lord taking the girl into her arms spoke, “Remember he is in your heart he protects you, no Harm can come to you.” That’s when Salvation came and then the little girl did the unthinkable, she stood up facing Fear and laughed in his face. Fear had never been laughed at before. He became angry ignoring the Little girl and Salvation he turned to Fear of the Lord and shouted “You are my counterpart, we shall always battle!”

“Yes,” Fear of the Lord agreed, “We shall, now leave this place you cannot stay.” Fear began to fade, he was cast out.

Fear woke up in the desert, he became darker, angrier and more twisted then before. He also became Prideful, no one must know he had been beat, no one must know he could be beat, they must always fear him! Not this Lord, Not the Maker. Although Fear and Fear of the Lord met on many occasions Fear never revealed her existence to his brothers, they must never now that Fear could counter Fear, they couldn’t know that Fear could ever be pure and good or they to would laugh.

Fear being eaten by Evil knew that it was time for his secret to be shared. He knew Fear of the Lord was the only chance they had in beating Evil, even if it would end him to. But when he told Evil about Fear of the Lord, as he predicted, Evil laughed. When Evil told Death, Death got an Idea. It was the beginning of the end.

What do you think? Should I write more about these brothers? I’m Sensing there’s more to their story…



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