Counting The Scars/ Weekly Writing Challenge

Lou Ann was from another century entirely, It was not only the sound of her name that suggested it, but the fact that she wore Victorian style dresses even now in the late 1960’s.  She did though, have a surprisingly well kept pair of men’s riding breeches which she would only wear on Wednesdays, no one knew why. Lou Ann claimed to have never cut her hair since she was 30, although she never wore it loose but instead kept it in an elegant crown braid. If you were one of the lucky children on Lou Ann’s street she would invite you for cookies and milk and let you watch her brush her hair. She had to stand on a stool, her hair just skimming the floor.

Lou Ann had only one other living thing in her house and that was an English Hare named Him, after the one who gave it to her. She told anyone who would listen that the hare was 72 years old, Lou Ann being 90. Everyone in the neighborhood  knew this was impossible, except the children of course, who were always wiser when it came to this sort of thing. Lou Ann let him hop around the house at all times. He was clever enough, his cleverness coming with his immense age of course, to hop into his cage to eat and do his business on his own, He slept on the bed with Lou Ann, stretched out on a pillow.

Lou Ann had always been curious, as a child she liked to pretend she was Alice and went in search Wonderland quite often. This almost always came with disastrous results. The first time she looked for Wonderland she fell out of a tree and broke her leg, resulting in a permanent limp. She told her father she had seen the white rabbit hiding in an old woodpecker nest at the top of the tree, this resulted in a sound lashing with a willow switch (before they were sure that the leg was broken, this is important) that gave Lou Ann a permanent scar on her right hip. Her father left the family for India not long after this, teaching Lou Ann that the only permanent things in this world are your scars, invisible or otherwise.

The 50th time Lou Ann sought after Wonderland was the eve of her 18th birthday, and that was when she met Him. This time she fell from the top of the organ in church and broke her left arm for the third time. He had been on a tour to visit every church in England. He was kind enough to give her two gifts, The English Hare, Given on her birthday, and a Baby given not 3 weeks later. The Hare lived The Baby Didn’t… He had left at the first suspicion of the baby saying he needed to finish his tour and would be back, this, of course, was a lie, Lou Ann knew that much. This period in her life left her with at least five new scars.

Lou Ann’s continued Quest for Wonderland led her to nurse through one world war, this resulted to a brilliant scar from shrapnel on her right shoulder, and to give up her ticket on the Titanic, her sister had gone instead. In the 20’s Lou Ann decided to Paint, she was good, so good in fact that she did and entire European tour focused on her paintings. She saw Him one more time at one of her exhibit’s in Belgium, He had a wife and 12 children, 13 more scars. Lou Ann retired on the eve of the second world war, she headed up her neighborhood watch and deciphered codes, retirement suited her.

In the early 50’s Lou Ann searched for Wonderland again and found that her father had died on his arrival to India, eaten by a tiger the records said. Lou Ann bought a house not long after finding out her father’s fate. This is where she now lives, the children, as always, are her favorite. She guides them on their own quests for Wonderland and gives them lots of cookies and stories. The Parents Tolerate her. Lou Ann is now sitting on her porch in a Victorian Ball gown, petting her hare, and counting her scars. In two months time she will go on her last search for Wonderland, and find it…

18 thoughts on “Counting The Scars/ Weekly Writing Challenge

  1. I really like your story, especially “Him.” Your magical take on age and Lou Ann’s search for Wonderland is unique, I don’t remember reading anything fantastical. The tiger reminds me of a story (though not Life of Pi) that I read when I was younger but can’t remember now. The tiger was turned into a carpet and –.

    Anyways, I enjoyed the read!

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