A Post Death Scene

Here’s A blurb from Mildred’s Story (Linked below)

“I think death is easy,” said Milo wisely  “That is if your the one whose dead.”

Mildred was to tired to think this through, so instead stared at the ground an watched a wasp pick off a spiders legs one by one…

“I suppose we should bury him?” Milo more asked then remarked.

“No,” said Mildred “We should honor his death in his people’s way, we should burn him”

In truth Gawain’s jumping in front of Milo had not been an act of bravery. No, even in death he had remained a coward, the truth of the matter was he should have zigged when he zagged. But this was a secret Mildred would keep to herself.

Milo insisted on doing the more “manly” part  and built a stone pyre, while Mildred collected flowers and tree boughs to lay on top… When it was complete they both worked together to lift Gawain onto his final resting place. It was sunset when they finally lowered the torch. As the flames reached Gawain’s body, the flowers Mildred had so carefully lain out burning came to rest at their feet. Milo tugged Mildred back a few steps, “Should we say something?” he asked

“There’s nothing left to say” said Mildred she turned and headed towards the horses, hiding her tears…



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