Because It’s About time for A Disney Rant

Just need to get this out there… I’m getting very unhappy that I keep hearing Frozen (a great movie by the way) is the first Disney movie where a princess doesn’t fall in love with someone she just met, because this is NOT true… Has anyone watched Beauty and the Beast? It literally takes a fairly large amount of time for them to fall for each other probably longer than it took Anna and Kristoff. Beauty and The Beast teaches you beauty is only skin deep and, and that sometimes you have to learn to love. It wasn’t like Belle fell in love with the Beast right away she was most definitely scared out of her mind, and if you told her that she was going to fall for a gigantic hairy monster I’m pretty sure she would have laughed. (kinda following?) So that’s it… here’s a song from Beauty and the Beast to hopefully prove my point or just to enjoy, or both…

Also a warm welcome to my newest followers… Thank you guys so much for being interested enough to read more 😀 its really inspiring…

snapshotsofawanderingheart at she has a real gift for writing and writings are very good at captivating you…

The Ravenously Disappearing Woman at who is possibly one of the bravest people I haven’t met 😉 she is very inspiring.

Rose-Tinted-Rambles at is someone that I’d been following for a while now (that sounds creepier than I meant) and I’m so excited that she’s started following me.. she has a very interesting perspective that I really enjoy reading about.

Mainer Chick at she is also someone who’ve I’ve been following and I’m so glad she decided to take the time and read through my posts and what I’ve felt I’ve needed to say… Her blog has a great humour about it and an Art journal that has been great to look at…


6 thoughts on “Because It’s About time for A Disney Rant

  1. Thats total crap, Anna falls for Hans within hours! They were engaged for pete’s sake! Whoever is saying that hasn’t watched the movie or missed that part, maybe their popcorn stash ran out. Who knows?! But obviously, they didn’t see that scene. Wait, they did a dance number to it, how do you miss a disney dance and song number?!

    I agree with this post 100%!!! Except for the Frozen not falling in love at first glance, but thats not your fault!

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