“Field of Flowers Award”

Field of Flowers Award

My first official award! First off I’d like to thank jeny running brook for this nomination “thank you so much I am so touched that you thought of me” 😀 I’m so sorry it took me a couple days to write this post, life became busy in the form of work but here it is first the rules… 😉

(check out her blog at http://jenyrunningbrook.wordpress.com/)


1) Thank the blogger who nominated you

2)Place the award on your blog

3)  Nominate 7 other bloggers and write a little something about why you would give these bloggers

“A Field Of Flowers”

4) Let your nominees know that you nominated them

and here it goes…


1)  Mary J Melange at http://maryjmelange.wordpress.com/ because she was my very first follower, and inspired me to continue with this blog… also she has a pretty awesome blog herself, her poems and love for cats (which is shared) are out of this world.

2) snapshotsofawanderingheart at http://snapshotsofawanderingheart.wordpress.com/ Her writing is amazing and can bring you to tears… thank you for being so open.

3) Coco J. Ginger at http://courtingmadness.wordpress.com/ her posts always seem to be beautiful and meaningful I look forward to reading what you have to say (this goes for all of you guys)

4) C.K Hope at http://daisiesfromdust.wordpress.com/ Another blogger who is an inspiration to me I love your poems!

5) Finding Life at http://brecore.wordpress.com/ Thank you for your blog its always a highlight in my day

6) JUMP FOR JOY! at http://jumpforjoyphotoproject.wordpress.com/ your photos are amazing I love what your doing, so please, keep doing it…

7) lucy at http://bagofbuttons.wordpress.com/ you are cool and funny, Thank you for that…


And there they are please check them out and enjoy 😀



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