I’m back online, and at home… The memorial was great, it was very casual and very sad, so many people came including the coolest older couple, both of whom are in their mid 90’s… There was even a boy, who was the brother in law of a relative, who payed his respects by taking a knee at my grandpa’s photo… Of course a few things went wrong as they do in family gatherings (lots of step family) its funny to me if your married to someone I’m related to your family (that’s how it is with aunts and uncles after all why can’t my mom’s step sister’s kids be my cousins?) on Monday we put his ashes in the ground, that really hurt, his resting spot is beautiful though… on Tuesday grandpa bought breakfast (my grandma acted for him) I also found a great used and rare bookstore, the guy liked me enough to give me two other books, along with my purchases, and spout a phrase in Italian, I don’t know what it was but it sounded nice, like poetry. I bought a book on the history of codes and ciphers, as well as two poetry books, one with the inscription “Christmas 1919, to Louie from Rufus” who was Louie to Rufus do you think? I don’t know if my Grandpa liked poetry or not but it made me think of him… Its back to real life now, work, and school applications, I think I’ll be an Archaeologist… I still feel so lost. Your forever in my heart Grandpa Jelly Bean… Tomorrow I think I’ll write a story…


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