So we made it! From the frigid north to the rainy, beautiful, green Vancouver Island… We left the house around 4:30am and our flight left at 7:00… The plane was fun, I love plane rides, although once I noticed that the seat cushions on the plane were also flotation devices I may or may not have gone into some pretty in depth scenarios about the plane crashing, which resulted in freaking out the person behind us… so um this is a formal apology I can get a little carried away, I’m also sorry for telling my mom the details of my imaginings about getting cut up by the propeller blade that was probably more than a little inappropriate…

We got in at about 9:30am my Grandma and Uncle picked us up… My Grandma is a very strong person I haven’t seen her cry yet, its like she’s taking care of everybody in the house, who all think they’re taking care of her… It still hasn’t hit me yet even being here I keep expecting him to come back from golfing, or venture out of his office for a drink of water… I haven’t cried yet, Its different then when I lost my sister…. To continue on after getting picked up from the airport we went for breakfast at Denny’s I had the most delicious steak salad in the world, and then we went to the mall where I bought my dress for the memorial, (they’ve actually decided to do a celebration of life). We also tried to find something for my grandma which proved to be an adventure of which returned with empty hands… I ended up falling asleep around 4 in the afternoon until 9 the next day…

At the moment the household consists of me and my Aunt Charlene, who I just found out used to be a body builder and oh my goodness she was buff! She works as a a personal trainer now and is in great shape, just more toned then buff… she’s also the mother of 4 (or is it 5?) boys… she uses baking to cope, you can only imagine my surprise when I came up stairs this morning and the kitchen was literally covered in cookies (I thought My Grandma was exaggerating when she had mentioned it)…

so at the moment I’m doing this and drinking tea (nectar of the gods), my mom and grandma are running errands, and for one of probably very few moments this weekend the house is quiet… Later I’m planning on a walk (my grandma has what is kind of a small farm, although the only animals are a very grouchy horse, 2 dogs one of which is deaf,and the other a very excitable German Shepard puppy, as well as 2 cats one of which is a rescue that is so inbred it drools and can’t meow, it also has a really nasty cyst that just popped on its back, it is kinda cute though… In a few moments I’ll be baking squares and contemplating life and death as we all do when someone special to us dies… I have a feeling though that we’re in for an interesting day…


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