Lunch Post 3 part 2 and Lunch Post 4

So to start off, here are the other two paintings… you can see how unique each of ours turned of even though it was taken from the same picture…This one is from the very talented Kieran Shay, check out her cotton candy sky!


… and this was was done by the equally talented and lovely Torian Judah (don’t you love her name?) who happens to be Kieran’s cousin so you can see the talent runs in the family ;P


Today’s lunch I finally applied to university, I am so nervous but my friends and family are very supportive, so thank you to all of you, I love you all very much… After I did this I went home and fell asleep underneath the kitchen table, and then in a corner somewhere, before finally making it to a comfy chair (apparently applying to school took it out of me) and the afternoon ended with washing a very stinky dog that belongs to the people I’m house sitting for… (Thanks for doing the majority of it Carlee) she knows how to deal with my wimpyness at bad smelling things, especially one’s that move… I think I ate an orange for lunch…  I can’t remember. Oh and I’ve reached 40 followers! I’m very excited, unfortunately they are not showing up on my follower count so I only just discovered them today even though a couple of them have been following me for almost two weeks now, so a warm welcome to them be sure and check out their blogs…

dandilyonz4u (whose posts feature interesting, very inspiring, and well written topics, I love reading what she has to say)  check her blog out at

criticaldispatches ( Posts are very thought provoking and have a great sense of humor, definitely worth the read) at

spreadincrazysmiles ( I have not been able to completely check out her blog yet but what I have read has definitely interested me, I also love the humor in her posts) Find her at


12 thoughts on “Lunch Post 3 part 2 and Lunch Post 4

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  3. Ah… 2 more beautiful white Horses! 🙂 This has really cheered me up today! 🙂 Don’t be too nervous about Uni – just think about the great times you’re going to have there!! And Thanks again for linking me to your post!
    ~ Vicky

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