The Truth/Daily Prompt

The truth? That woman in the book store, she’s cheating on her husband.

That boy on the skateboard? He just held up a service station.

The successful man in the suit, on his phone? he goes home to nothing but things every night.

That old lady feeding the birds? She goes to sleep crying, wearing her dead husbands jacket and holding his picture close.

The homeless man everyone ignores? He risked his life for all of us in Iraq, but when he came home he never got the psychological treatment he needed.

The pastor in the church down the road questions his faith everyday and still manages to make it to the pulpit.

The little girl in the hospital? All she wants to do is feel like a princess one more time before her heart gives out.

That’s the truth… hard… and cold…

Sorry if this was a little depressing and filled with stuff everyone’s heard before 😀 I kinda felt to write it anyway.


11 thoughts on “The Truth/Daily Prompt

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  2. There are indeed those stories hidden behind the truths that we perceive or see when we look upon a person from the outside. I like looking at the inner workings of people, like you just done, the worries, fears and stories not so obvious. Blessings!

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