Ten Points on Laughter

So me, I’m a laugher… I laugh at all the most inappropriate moments, and most of the appropriate ones. Some people have told me I laugh to much, and some find that quality in me interesting, or endearing… or something. We all laugh for different reasons and to give you, and me, some perspective on myself and other “laughers” here are ten of my common laughs. 

1) The Snort:  This laugh is when I’m trying not to laugh, either because its a bad moment, or it really wasn’t that funny.

2) The Nervous laugh: This one is generally forced and a little high pitched, it usually follows something I really wish I hadn’t said.

3) The Giggle: This one is kind of embarrassing it unfortunately comes out when a guy I like says something funny, or like the snort I’m trying not to laugh to loudly. (note. if your a guy and I “giggle” at you that does not necessarily mean I like you)

4) The Hiss: Well its not really a hiss but more of a humph sound, which is used for movies, or when something is mildly funny, but a fair percentage of the time its a pity laugh. Unfortunately it can be used in a mean way, like looking down on someone, but if its ever used in that way its honestly because I’m having issues with me  and not anyone else’s fault.

5) The Obnoxious Laugh: We all have one, its that laugh we use when we’ve had to much (insert cause of choice… like sugar) and we end up on the floor with our feet in the air, or worse in someone’s face, manically laughing our heads off.

6) The “are you okay?” Laugh: Where something bad happens, like a tree falls on your best friend, and all you can do is laugh your head off, this laugh is a kind of coping mechanism. If your this kind of laugher I do not promote taking on a medical profession.

7) The Sad Laugh: Where the last thing you want to do is laugh but you can’t help it.

8) The Squeak: Yet another embarrassing laugh, which is for the same reasons as the snort.

9) The Loud Laugh: So anyone who really knows me knows all my laughs are more then a little loud, but the truth is when I laugh my loudest, I’m kind of building walls to protect myself. This laugh is the one I use when I feel my worst.

10) I don’t have a name for this laugh but it happens when you feel uncontrollably, completely happy, and for a moment nothing can ruin that.

And in the words of someone great THE END…



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