Daily Prompt: Five Items

Five items I’d take with me on a deserted Island that’s practical are,

1. Knife

2. String

3. candy (sugar keeps you happy)

4. a blanket or coat of some kind

5. matches

But really I’d like to take,

1. a boat (something you really shouldn’t go to a deserted island without)

2. my I-pod (have a mini party with myself)

3. Bacon (because… well its bacon)

4. A good book (obviously)

5. is a tie between company and a good pair of shoes because sand can be really hot. Oh and if there were monkeys probably a gun because monkey’s are disgusting and creepy.



15 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Five Items

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  6. I like your list. I had to laugh about the monkeys. I am definitely in favor of bringing weapons to kill creepy things or animals that might want to eat you for dinner.

    Boat! Why didn’t I think of that?

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