Hear No Evil (a Free-verse poem in ballad like format)

The Secret Keeper:


Silently the angel stands

Turned to stone a Millennium ago,

But what secrets this guardian knows.


I think I’m gay one girl said

you decide who to love

the angel’s eyes whispered back.


I’ve killed and will again

confides a shadow,

we all can be saved singed the angel’s soul


This angel turned to stone,

over a millennium ago

a secret keeper  in ancient times


Your master is dead

screamed the darkness

a secret the angel wishes not to know


If stone could only weep

If stone could only breathe

cries the angel of stone


I hear no evil

I see no evil

I know no evil,


The angel consumed,


by a secret he did not need to know


Eden’s garden embraces him,

Lost and forgotten,

crumbling, engulfed


Secrets are not secrets for long

whispers, are never completely gone

sighs the angel of stone








5 thoughts on “Hear No Evil (a Free-verse poem in ballad like format)

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