Yah 2014! Movies

The movies coming out next year look awesome. Two I’m particularly excited for are, Noah and Son of God. Totally geeking out! I mean Son of God? Its like seeing a movie about your best friend. I know that the movie makers will take their own poetic license, and write how they depict they “characters” but that doesn’t stop them from being potentially great movies. Whenever they do a movie that follows someone’s beliefs it always builds up a certain level of drama around it… Someone is going to be pissed off.

Let’s get something straight before I continue, first off I am not looking at this as a one big step for “Christian kind” kind of thing. I’m not the kind of person who likes to throw their beliefs into peoples faces. I love both stories (although, not just stories to me) Its like having your favourite book being made into a movie, or a movie about your favourite historical character, except I’m not expecting it to be exactly alike.

I’m mean really Noah is the story of a man who stood outside of what was “socially correct” and followed his beliefs, who doesn’t like a movie about that? It also helps that Russell Crowe is playing Noah, and it looks action packed, I love action.

And Son of God? That story has everything, Action, Betrayal, Good against Evil, Romance. I know they’ve already made a movie with this story before “Passion of Christ” but that movie focused on Jesus’s death and all the pain he went through. 1) that’s not really the depth of the story, 2) I had a really hard time watching it. This movie looks like its including everything, and the visuals look awesome, this Jesus seems a little off somehow though, can’t wait to watch and critique.

I can’t wait to see Frozen either looks so great (sorry a little random) I guess my point (if this post has to have a point besides being excited about these movies) is you don’t have to believe in God and the bible to enjoy these movies, and people who believe in God, everybody has their own perceptions, if you feel confident enough in your own beliefs you should be able to sit back and enjoy these movies like their suppose to be. They look really well done, here’s the trailers. I can’t wait to see them!

Just found a couple interesting articles on these movies I’m adding in.


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