House sitting Laws


I’m writing this over my lunch break because apparently I’m a fast eater so I have time. 🙂

Apparently there’s some kind of connection between house sitting and being graduated with no life. Since my tour guiding job ended in September I’ve been bombarded with requests to house sit, I already have a couple jobs for January. I’m starting to wonder if I should even bother going to university and start a business up instead. So just for fun here are the three main universal laws (like gravity) for when it comes to house sitting.

1. If something can go wrong it will, just try to be prepared for the inevitable. Whether its a bear in the garage, or a smoke detector that goes off every time you cook (that one might just be on me, I’m famous for my DARK brown grilled cheese)

2. If there’s animals involved at one point or another there’s going to be bodily fluids on the floor, furniture, and or walls. Its best to have a strong stomach (I don’t).

3. WARNING: this is an unbreakable rule…

Even if a person says that you have free reign, you don’t, try to stay out of personal places, bedroom, bathroom cabinets, diaries etc… And if your allowed to have a couple people over keep it to a couple, and make sure their clean, friends can be as bad as pets. No I have not snooped at other peoples places, (its not hard to stay in only a couple areas, it also depends on how well you know the people) I don’t do basements cause that’s where the bodies usually are, or dragons and even though that’s cool I don’t want to run into one unprepared. As for the friends thing, I barely trust most of my friends at my house, let alone other peoples.

So that’s it, I hope any future or previous house sitters got something out of this, like a couple nods and even a smile. Its off to work I go.


2 thoughts on “House sitting Laws

  1. Well I can testify that my house was in good order after Katie house sat for me! Glad she didn’t snoop in my undie drawer 🙂

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