Characters that Haunt You

This weeks challenge is just what the doctor ordered, so to speak, I have one character in particular who’s haunted me for a couple years now. I can never seem to write her whole story out, maybe one day though. Here’s a blurb (among many) that I  wrote a little while ago featuring her. WARNING: This character may seem a little cheesy, and more than a little cliche, and perhaps a bit spoofy, but she will not go away! (that kinda rhymed, I love it when that happens!) Maybe sharing her with you will help.

Mildred’s life was nothing like she planned. She was still locked in her tower at the age of 19. Like any other girl in her situation, she had dreamed of her rescuer, her savior, her “Prince Charming”, since she was small, but on the day of her 16th birthday (the agreed rescuing date) he never showed up. She had packed all her important things in a small bag and waited, sitting on the window ledge for three days straight, and still no one had come. Everyday since then she grew a little more numb, and her heart a little more broken. Her bag of important things stayed by the window from then on, waiting for the day when they might be needed.

As the next three years came and went, Mildred became more and more certain she had been abandoned. The letters from her mother stopped, the gifts of chocolates, books, and jewels stopped, her caretaker (a famous singer cursed to be a mouse) was long gone. The only sign that someone out there still cared was a weekly food parcel, and the tower’s keeper, once a ferocious dragon, now replaced by a loathsome, uncaring sheep dog.

Mildred spent her days doing nothing much (as you can imagine). She cleaned, she ate, she read, she slept. and the next day the process would begin over. She had few people skills and only the dog to talk to, though he never showed any sign of even hearing her. In fact the only thing that made Mildred sure the dog was even alive was a daily fart that always seemed to manage to catch an up draft and carry in through the window. What had she done to deserve this fate?

Mildred was not ugly, her hair was dark, her skin was gold, her eyes where green, and her figure was acceptable, her nose maybe a little to pointed. She was not a bad person though she did throw an occasional tantrum, and who in her situation wouldn’t? Her greatest flaw was being naive. She still thought her “Prince” would come. She still had no acceptable idea why she was left in this godforsaken tower.

It was a perfectly horrible night when Mildred decided to put her loneliness, and heartache to an end. She dressed up in her “Damsel-in-distress” dress, and put on her sapphire crown. Picking up her bag of important things she very, slowly, and very shakily climbed onto the window ledge. Fighting against the wind and rain she readied herself to jump, The dog began to bark. Her insides shook even more then her outsides, her crown fell off her head and plummeted to the ground below. She was ready, leaning further out the window she prepared to let go, in a twisted act of fate, the suddenly wind rose up and pushed her, head over heals, back into the tower. This was a moment of inspiration, maybe she didn’t have to die, maybe she could do the unthinkable, maybe she could save herself. With new hope she began to plan.

I have a few more characters tied to Mildred who won’t leave me alone either, maybe I’ll share them another day. I’m not generally the type to write about princesses and frilly things and am almost ashamed to admit it but this particular princess won’t go away! I feel like there’s more to her then meets the eye. Thank you for reading.


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