Keeping up With the Random

I do not know what specifically to write about today, even though, technically, I already wrote a post earlier in the day (not understanding, this whole blog time difference thing). Let me think… today I woke up, brushed the sweaters off my teeth, got dressed, went to work, fought off a pervert, slowly had a better day at work (after fighting of creepy old man), my mom bought me egg nog, went home…. THE END…

Right now my sister is serenading me very badly with a guitar making rhymes like blue, you, and new. Watched her smell her armpits, got punched in the face for reading this to her out loud, told her its OK everybody does it… I think she hates me. I’m sleeping in her room tonight because sometimes I get scared (yes I am the older sister). She only let me post this if I told you that, but it is true.

Oh and after 7 days of blogging I have a total of FOUR followers! (not including myself) Thanks so much for being interested enough that you wanted to see more, I do apologize in advanced if you ever get sick of me, andI hope for the Number to keep on climbing.

Ending on a rather sad note I’m going to a funeral tomorrow for a third cousin I did not know well. The day is prospectively not a happy one and I think its sad that I only get to learn about him now that he’s gone. I end with a song.


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