The Perfect Game

Since today is still Sunday (or it was when I started typing this), my time, I’ve decided to add another piece of fiction, and although the daily post’s prompt is closed I liked the topic idea so this is based on that ( a poker game (or any other game) featuring four players)… I hope you enjoy, feel free to share your thoughts…

Ben was the dealer for the night, his boss had instructed him carefully on the importance of this game. His job was to deal the cards (as his job title suggested) and to play a little to. It was not important though, for Ben to win, His job was to observe. Ben like any other good dealer leaned back in his chair and played with his lucky deck of cards while he waited for the others to arrive.

The first player to come was a Mr. Dean Franconi, a business man who made it to the top like any other great business men, with drive, Mr. Franconi’s drive was hate for  his 4th grade English teacher, Mr. Smith, or Mr. Snotty as his students called him (who knows how the fourth grade mind works). Mr. Smith had told Mr. Franconi’s parents, that he (Mr. Franconi) had a mental disability, which caused a perfect couple to despise their imperfect child. When Mr. Fraconi’s Pencil Eraser business took off the first thing he did was demolish his old school (Printinton’s School for Young Gentlemen) and build a factory on top. It wasn’t long after they had poured the cement a certain elderly English teacher disappeared,  and it was not much longer after this rumors of Mr. Franconi’s mob connections came out.

Mr. Franconi arrived to the card game early, and as always impeccably dressed. He and Ben had previously met during a mysterious business arrangement, so only a nod passed between them as he took his seat and Ben continued to play with his cards while they waited for the two empty chairs to be filled.

The Next player to arrive was as ruthless as she was beautiful. Wilhelmina Alcott had always been known for her looks. When she was young her Mother often went on unnecessary trips to the store, or ran unimportant errands, bringing the young Wilhelmina, or Willy as she was often called, along to show she could produce something more beautiful than burnt toast and under-cooked vegetables. Wilhelmina specialized in business as well, although she had a more varied clientele then Mr. Franconi, and her business was more popular then pencil erasers. Like most women in Wilhelmina’s place, she had started out as an actress, and when that dream came to an end its was replaced by another, a dream to have power, a dream only the rich and the underhanded could fulfill.

Wilhelmina arrived to the game in a flurry of mink and diamonds, her only imperfection being the wrong color of lipstick, and a small snag in her stockings, but the men at the table were not noticing her lipstick or paying to much attention to her stockings. Ben leaned back farther, grinning ear to ear, and Mr. Franconi stood up and pulled out a chair. “Cads” Wilhelmina said sitting down. She had brought her own deck of cards. There was only one more empty seat.

Unlike Mr. Franconi and Wilhelmina, Damon Casting was not an only child, no he was not an only child at all. In fact he had seven siblings, with a single father to raise them. Being the middle child he strived for attention, which led him to tricks and thievery not entirely unlike the rest of the people in the game. He was businessman as well, but it was a business where he did not need to depend on anyone for anything, other than his clients carrying small bills, and people continuing to remain naive. He lived for the con.

When Damon came in the room he strode as if he owned the world, he came wearing a car dealers suit. Wilhelmina stared never before meeting someone with looks to compare to hers. Ben put down his cards only long enough  to shake Damon’s hand, and only noticed his missing watch after the game was long over.  Mr. Franconi Fingered the gun hidden within his jacket, and his face grew dark.

The players exchanged formalities, such as hello’s, and introductions where they where needed. Ben dealt with Wilhelmina’s cards, and Mr. Franconi won the first hand with a stunning pair of aces. After a bit more small talk and some whiskey it continued like so, Wilhelmina, Mr. Franconi, Mr. Franconi again, Ben, Wilhelmina, Ben, Mr. Franconi, and it ended with Damon taking the pot totaling Fifty thousand dollars. Mr. Franconi then accused Damon of cheating (which he did but no one could prove), and Mr. Franconi  gave Damon a beautifully executed uppercut with a not so beautiful follow through. Wilhelmina shrieked and rushed to Damon’s side (although he was barley nicked by the punch) purely for the drama of it. They then went their separate ways.

Ben had noticed many things about his opponents, including every, single, tell. He went with this information to his boss, The Boston police chief, and together they brought down three of the brightest, most brilliant, and corrupt criminals the city had ever seen, all with a single card game.

I hope you enjoyed if you made it this far, I got a little obsessed writing, just ask my mom.


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