I Killed Nancy Drew… Again

Don’t worry Nancy can’t be stopped that easily and thanks to Herinteractive’s limitless “try again’s” Nancy will continue to be an immortal force against evil. The truth is I finally got The Ghost of Thorton hall, and after three long exciting days the thrill ride is over and like any junkie I need more! Thank goodness waiting for me next is The Silent Spy, just the title gives me chills! With my great nose for sleuthing guiding Nancy… well… we’re bound to die a few more times during that adventure. In the words of the great Sleuth herself  “I just know that any time I undertake a case, I’m apt to run into some kind of a trap.”
Nancy Drew, The Clue of the Broken Locket

But its not just the PC games I’m wild about, the 1977 tv series is a credit to her name as well, and then of course, there are the books, iconic for their time. Even now that the original women genius’s behind Carolyn Keene are gone, many others have risen up to continue the series in many other books and graphic novels.

I will forever remember being ten years old and the highlight of my day being when I could crawl under my covers with my flashlight, and solve new and exiting cases with Nancy. Traveling with her through the case of “The Moss Covered Mansion” to “The Mystery of the 99th Step” and many more. We were the best of friends, partners, I was probably one of the few kids that age who actually wanted to go to bed. Yep, Nancy Drew will live forever, after all she’s already 83 and counting.


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