Friend Zoned

What is the friend zone? If you don’t know, it’s that deep dark chasm in the deepest darkest part of the ocean which has another ocean  with another deepest darkest part of it, and so on… It’s that place prospective boyfriends/girlfriends send you when they don’t want to be prospective boyfriends/girlfriends anymore.

What is my point you ask? Well you see I don’t get the “friend zone” I mean I know what it is, but more recently its been drawn to my attention that if you are friends with a prospective significant other, and you happen to call each other friends, then you’ve friend zoned them.

For example, say Jane and Bob are hanging out but Bob has a secret crush on Jane and Jane having a great time says, “hey Bob you’re a really good friend” then apparently poor Bob has just been friend zoned. But what if Jane secretly liked him back? If this is true can you imagine how many great relationships that may have ended in marital bliss never happened?

I recently read a blog post from Seth Adam Smith called “Marriage Isn’t For You” (which I did get of the freshly pressed page so you may know what I’m referring to). His main point was how marriage is for the other person, not yourself. What stuck out most to me is when he said he married his best friend, FRIEND, not person “with whom I enjoy spending most of my time with” FRIEND. He also said he greatly recommended it.

It might just be me but I want to be with someone I’m friends with first, not whose guts I hate. I always believed being “put in the friend zone” as being gently let down, another example being Bob Likes Jane,  Jane doesn’t like Bob that way but likes their friendshipso she says “I’m sorry but I just think of you as a friend”. Putting him in the said “Friend zone”.

Yes, being put in the friend zone is one of the worst tortures out there, but let’s try not to ruin any possibly great relationships by blowing it out of proportion. Why don’t we keep the friend zone in the friend zone.

(link to “Marriage isn’t for you” at bottom)


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