So today I want to talk about on of my more favorite topics…. ba bum ba bum ba bum (in case you didn’t get it from the title) POETRY! I understand that there’s a lot of people out there who dreaded Shakespeare in school and don’t even get me started on the types of poetry (haiku poems? who wants to count out syllables?) I’m talking about poetry as a whole, where it doesn’t have any rules but needing to flow. Poetry was meant to be spoken, meaning it should be written to be heard. So who gives a carp about grammar and punctuation, put your commas where you want them not where their suppose to be. Which I am all for as my spelling and punctuation skills stopped in grade 5. I’d die without spell check.

I recently went to a youth conference featuring a spoken word artist (poet! “followed by girlish squeal”), his name is Justice Brown he’s 18, and soooo passionate about what he does. Here’s a link to his website http://justicebrown.com/ please check it out just bear in mind he is christian, so that features in a lot of his poems. In case anyone would feel uncomfortable listening. But his poetry is also a bit radical speaking on world issues.

I find poets have all but died out, sure we find poetry constantly in our music, but I’m talking about someone who gets up there and just says their poem, other than in some dark cafe with someone playing the drums in the back ground, no offence meant. But there was a time when kings and queens surrounded themselves with poets and poetry. It was practically socially required to be able to write in verse. As you may have guessed I’m a stickler for Victorian poetry, I like more modern stuff as well but I love the poetry you can hide secrets in like some kind of elaborate riddle.

Poetry is a way of expressing ourselves, song is one branch of this, an epic large branch, but just one branch on a tree none the less. Even the bible is written poetically just look at psalms, and the song of Solomon for example. Unfortunately Its very hard these days to make a living as a poet without having a few tricks up your sleeves. For example Akiane, she is an amazing poet and an even better artist she writes poetry for her paintings and makes a living at it that way. Its just catching the break.

I guess this was in a way a rant, but I wanted to share my appreciation for poetry in this way. I myself, use poetry to vent or when I get a serious writing urge and don’t feel like putting my time into a story. Poetry is found everywhere in everything, and if you have trouble showing emotion on your face its almost always easier to show on a page. In the words of a great,



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