Moved By Music

I was about ready to log off when I read the neatest post from The Daily Post  (link below). The idea is to write about a music. What it means to you, or even a song that is is special. Music being an important factor in my life it caught my eye. I can’t remember not having it, not loving it. When I was little we had a giant hundred disc CD and tape player that was always playing, and on the day it finally died we were given a Sirius radio that now plays in our house all hours even deep into the night. In fact right now I’m listening to Faith Hills someone else’s dream on the prime country channel.

I have a rather over developed taste in music that covers anything from Christian to Heavy metal. I think this is because of my parents varying tastes, my dads fondness for country and good ol’ rock n’ roll, and my moms for pop and christian rock. So you see music plays a large part in my life on a daily basis. I remember the day I cut the side of my ring finger off, I made myself a hospital playlist to calm myself down as I spent that Saturday night in the emergency room. I remember one of my closest friends singing Jeremy Camp’s There will be a day at my younger sister’s Funeral, I still can’t listen to it without crying…

Yes music is very important to me, it triggers memories, inspires me, creates emotion when I feel like I have none left to show. I believe music captures our humanity, it gives us insight on ourselves whether its LMFAO’s Sexy and I know it, or I dreamed a dream from Les Mis. A song that has become meaningful to me more recently is Ramblin’ Man by The Allman Brothers Band not strictly because of the lyrics or even the chords but, because it reminds me of sitting at the kitchen table eating breakfast with my family the house smelling like burnt toast and pine wood.

5 thoughts on “Moved By Music

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