Alright, so, this is my first official post and even though I’m writing it now I’m still not exactly sure what it’s about. I started this blog in a way to vent, and to basically write anything and maybe everything that pops into my head. I’ve recently graduated, this is my year off to figure out what I want to do for the rest of my life besides, playing Nancy Drew computer games, reading, and sitting on the couch twirling my thumbs (just kidding). For now I will try to live life fully and not locked up in my house, although tomorrow the carpet cleaner is coming so I’ll probably hide in my room a large portion of the time as I have nowhere else to go. But for now I leave you, and pray I can find something more interesting to blog about tomorrow. I end , dear reader who I do not yet have, with one of my favorite songs to soak to.


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